The TABLIFT us used for automatic continuous feeding of tablets, dragees, capsules and similar products into downstream packaging machines. The TABLIFT is designed for a discharge height range from 1500 mm to 2800 mm.


Major Advantages

· Little floor space required compared to inclined belt conveyors.
· Safe and gentle feeding of downstream packaging machines. Simple synchronisation.
· GMP design in stainless steel and FDA-approved synthetic materials.
· Excellent cleaning through tool-less assembly/disassembly of all product contact parts.
· Special operation mode "Cleaning/Maintenance"
· No pneumatic services required
· Reduced product changeover times through the use of duplicate product contact parts such as feed hopper and transport bucket.
· Mobile on lockable castors.
· Synchronisation option with upstream MASCHINPEX thickness and diameter sorters SORTOMAT and DIASORT
· Incorporated dust suction unit, chip rejection and diameter sorting device TABLIFT D available on request.
Hubbehälter in Entladeposition
Transport bucket near discharge position
Hubbehälter in Beladeposition
Transport bucket in loading position
Hubbehälter in Beladeposition
Product discharge

Technical Data

Feed Height
- Standard: 1500 - 2350 mm
- Other heights: on request
Up to 1.500.000 tablets/h - depends on product size and feed height.
Feed Hopper
90 litres
Operation Modes
a) Feeding
b) Maintenance/Cleaning
230 V, 1 Ph + N + PE, 50 Hz
Standard: 1000 x 600 x 2950 mm
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