Tablet turning belt for visual inspection of tablets and dragees.
Absolutely reliable turning of tablets guaranteed. Compact unit in GMP design. Excellent access for cleaning with tool-less assembly/disassembly.

Versatile Application
The VISOMAT II is used for visual inspection of round and oblong-shaped tablets and dragees according to cosmetic defects such as spots, cracks, scratches, warts, missing corners and similar. The VISOMAT II is suitable for stand-alone operation as well as in combination with upstream MASCHINPEX sorting units SORTOMAT and DIASORT for additional checking of product dimensions

Efficient Operation
After the product has been fed from the hopper onto the upper belt the first operator checks the upper side of the tablet. In the next step the tablet is automatically turned in the turning station and then transferred to the second operator for inspection of its rear side.


Major Advantages

· Ergonomic working place with specially formed arm rests, sufficient knee space and control elements in reach of both operators.
· Absolutely reliable tablet turning by holding the product between upper and lower belt in the turning station.
· Continuous visual monitoring of the hopper fill level through transparent hopper front side.
· GMP design with excellent access for cleaning and tool-less assembly/disassembly of product contact parts. Smooth surface without hidden corners to avoid product traps.
Hubbehälter in Entladeposition
Quick and simple belt assembly/disassembly through hinged belt tensioner
Hubbehälter in Beladeposition
Rejection of defective products through suck-off pipette
Hubbehälter in Beladeposition

Vibration chude

Technical Data Visomat II

Up to 150.000 products/h - depending on product and inspection criteria
Belt tensioner
Adjustable, Hinged for easy dismantling
Feed hopper
20 litres
Working height
approx. 900 mm operator 1
approx. 850 mm operator 2
400 V, 3 Ph + N + PE, 50 Hz, approx. 0,9kW
1770 x 880 x 1250 mm
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